Saturday, July 3, 2010

"A story should be a fable"

Beginnings!  Here we are in a first meeting in Laconia, NH to create a Bhutanese Nepali-English
picture book for kids. That's Kapil and Johanna left to right, kneeling. Hari and Rai are standing to the right. We talked about the kinds of stories each of us heard growing up.  Kapil says in Bhutan  people believe a story should be a lesson  - a fable - if it is a good story.  Johanna told a story of the supernatural in  Jamaica.  Being Irish, I told a leprechaun tale.   Many here were teachers in the refugee camps in Nepal where their families have lived for almost 20 years.  Students study English in the camp.
We heard a story about a man who finds a radio and, never before having seen a radio, believes that tiny people must live inside it.  This leads to some actions that get him in big trouble.
We told stories to sort out the kinds of stories children grow up with in Bhutan.  And we've met people who might be able to serve on the editorial board.  Also,  the group explained that this book should be called a Bhutanese Nepali-English picture book. Not a Nepali-English picture book.  We learned it is very important to hold on to the Bhutanese cultural identity.

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