Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Next Life of a Wedding Sari

Storyteller Hari Tiwari and Ambika talk about the design in
Ambika's sari

Hoo - ray to artist Susan Gaylord who's joined Dal Rai, Hari and Ambika Sharma, and me and many others in the  NH Humanities Council Bhutanese Nepali Book Project.  Susan is now the book designer.  She created a  book dummy with the text of "The Story of a Pumpkin" (told by Hari Tiwari, left in this photo)  She has also scanned fabric Ambika (right) brought from Bhutan and Nepal.  From the scan she created a border around illustrator Dal Rai's first watercolor illustration.   She scanned Ambika's gorgeous red wedding sari for other borders.  You can see more photos and read Susan's account of the Nepali Book Project on  her blog.

Hari holds Ambika's nephew while they watch Susan scan the  fabric.

Susan Gaylord scans Ambika's fabric brought from Bhutan. 
In the midst of all this work and modeling, Ambika also made the best chai I've ever had.


  1. this is nice collection. i like it.

    see more here

  2. Gorgeous colors in your collection, Rajveer. Thank you for sending the link.