Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kenyan Girls in NEW MOON Magazine

Three of my friends from Kenya have written for NEW MOON, a magazine for girls published in the United States. They wrote on the theme of "City Girl, Country Girl". One girl liv
es in a rural village, two live in Mathare, a very large slum in Nairobi. Yvonne Wanjiru's wrote, "My Life in Mathare" about this slum.

The girls write about the fact that students must pay school fees to go to secondary school. They would have to drop out after 8th grade because their families did not have money to pay these fees. Some NEW MOON readers have written to ask how they can help the girls.

These were the most beautiful letters I have ever read. The young readers of NEW MOON will change the lives of the Kenyan girls.
If you would like to help with school fees for the girls in Mathare, please contact Anne Moore who runs Community Based Libraries in Mathare; Please see the links under "How to Help" to know about Kidslibs, Amesbury for Africa, and me.
Photo: A student in Esabalu who just got a new uniform through the Uniform Project of Amesbury for Africa. In Kenya, children must have a uniform in order to attend school. See the link for Amesbury for Africa for more information.
Photo at top: NEW MOON writer Rita and her brothers, Harrison and John

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