Monday, September 14, 2009

"Just a little bit magic"

You must go to this site - KidsLibs - a project to bring libraries to children in poor neighborhoods in Nairobi and also rural Laikipia in Kenya.
This is a boy outside a library in Sipili. Bikes are among items on the wish list for each of the four libraries that librarian Anne Moore has created so far.
Kids at the Mathare North center gathered with Susan Phillips to read stories, talk about the kinds of stories they liked, then created characters for their own stories which they wrote and illustrated. You can read a series of stories about Thomas and Queenventure: "Once upon a time in the city of Mombasa lived a beautiful girl named Queenventure." Read more.

You will also see poems, pin hole photography (the first photo above was created in Mathare North), and sunprints created by kids in library programs. "Just a little bit magic" was the way Susan described the pinhole photographs.
The libraries themselves are a lot of magic for Kenyan kids. Do you live near one of Kenya's kidslibs libraries? Would you write us a comment about books you like or what you like to do there?


  1. This in from Nairobi from Susan who works with the kids in Mathare North:

    Terry, thanks so much for the terrific write-up on your blog. I'm
    particularly happy that you highlighted the children's own creative work. In my mind, having our website be a showcase for that work is one of best things about it!

  2. So wonderful to discover your website, Terry! I will be visiting it often to explore all the great posts and interesting links. Thanks!

  3. Aline, you are most welcome. Do you have favorite books from somewhere in the world?

  4. Hi! This is Anne from KidsLibs Trust! Great to have you telling people about what we do! How about us reciprocating and putting a link to your website on our website? Opening library number 7 before end of August- another rural one up in Gacharageini in the Aberdare hills.Also Little Hands big Steps -our programme to get Kenyans using books at home with their under 3 year olds - will start in Sipili (Laikipia West) and in Gacharageini in September!

  5. Yes yes! thanks for linking to the E. Rag. Anne, I'll never forget the day you drove me to Kibera and I saw your first library. Library number 7! Hoo-ray for you all.