Sunday, April 22, 2012

Story of a Pumpkin Gets its Own Blog

Dal Rai, illustrator of The Story of a Pumpkin, sketches a scene of rural Bhutan.
The  NH Humanities Council's  Bhutanese Nepali-English folktale project began two years ago when folklorist and storyteller Jo Radner led folktale workshops in Laurie Lalish's ELL class in Laconia, NH. Now the selected folktale is about to be published.  And the book now has its own blog:  Story Of a Pumpkin.  Emily Kerr, a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire, is an intern with the NH Humanities Council and she has contributed the design and ongoing work on the blog. Emily even created a timeline following our steps.  Huge thanks to Emily Kerr who is also the author of a number of travel books.  So from now on, friends, if you're following the pumpkin on his journey to be published (not to mention his difficult journey in the tale as he attempts to marry the king's youngest daughter)  please follow us at storyofapumpkin.

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