Monday, February 4, 2013

Next Big Thing - "Madhu's Seeds"

I'm happy to tell you that my next big thing is a story I wrote for New Hampshire Home.  Children's book writer Joyce Ray invited me to tell about this project in her post about her next big thing, her new book, Feathers and Trumpets. I had no idea what I was going to write for New Hampshire Home. I was honored to be invited to write the closing back page essay, but hoped no one would attempt to photograph the writerly kind of home I keep.  The theme, though, was sustainability. And that led me to gardens. And that led me to community gardens.  And that led me to the stories I'd heard and read about refugees and immigrants recreating recipes from their homelands after they got a plot of land in a community garden in their urban American neighborhood. And that led me to Sycamore Community Garden in Concord, New Hampshire. And then to one gardener: Madhu Bhandari from Bhutan, and her daughter-in-law. I also met her granddaughter who may be old enough this spring to come to the garden and help.  Madhu told me a story about mustard seeds.  The story, "Madhu's Seeds"  (p. 90)  appears in the March/April issue of New Hampshire Home.  It also planted a seed in my mind for the novel I am secretly working on this cold February night.
Please meet writer, Tammi Truax.
Tammi Truax will be posting at about her debut novel Holy Buckets.


  1. Terry, New Hampshire Home knew what they were doing when they invited you to write the back page about sustainability. I'll look for Maddhu's Seeds in the March issue. And so glad the story is seeding your novel! Thanks for introducing Tammi whose book title Holy Buckets intrigues me!

  2. Hi Terry. My first comment didn't post. I'm glad that "Maddhu's Seeds" seeded an idea for your novel. I'll look for the story in New Hampshire Home. Thanks for carrying the baton of the Next Big Thing. I'll look forward to meeting Tammi next week.