Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Second Generation from Bhutan

 The Bhutanese Nepali folktale produced by the New Hampshire Humanities Council, The Story of a Pumpkin, returned to Laconia, NH today where we first heard the story in the U.S.  What is wonderful is that the story, told by a  grandmother, Hari  Tiwari, is now with the children and grandchildren of Bhutanese refugees in the U.S. and all of us who live here.  Pictured here is storyteller Hari Tiwari's grandson and artist's Dal Rai's son, Anmol. After listening to Dal and Laconia children's librarian Gail Drucker tell the story, we had snacks.  The boys are eating a sweet Bhutanese pastry known as elephant ears since they sort of look like that. Below is Dal Rai and his newest son, Adrin, both wearing a garland.
The Story of a Pumpkin ends with the traditional words in a Nepali tale - "The teller of this tale receives a flower garland and the listener receives a garland of gold."
The Story of a Pumpkin is distributed by the    University Press of New England. 

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